Oak Bay Stories Writing Contest

The theme of this writing contest is “Oak Bay Stories,” and offers an opportunity for locals, business owners, students, and visitors to share what you think visitors should come and discover in Oak Bay.

All stories must be original and should not have been previously published elsewhere. Participants may submit multiple articles and ask for feedback.

Oak Bay Tourism will have the right to publish or use the awarded stories on its website. All writers and photographers will be credited.

When: The Oak Bay Stories Writing Contest is open from November 20th to March 20th, Extended through to March 31st!

Prizes: The winning submission wins $500 and a feature in Oak Bay News

all runner-up submissions will be featured on OakBayTourism.com and will win $75

Ideas of what you could write about:

  • Ghosts sighting and ghost stories in Oak Bay
  • Favourite cycling routes through Oak Bay
  • Articles about the unique shops on the avenue
  • Articles about eating at your favourite Oak Bay restaurants
  • Spas, salons, and wellness in Oak Bay
  • Memorable events or weddings you’ve attended in Oak Bay
  • Fun facts and oddities about Oak Bay
  • Historical stories about Oak Bay and Oak Bay heritage
  • Arts events and art culture in Oak Bay
  • Bird watching in Oak Bay and at Uplands Park
  • Famous people from Oak Bay
  • Best sunrise watching spots in Oak Bay
  • Exploring the beaches and marine life in Oak Bay
  • Favourite ways to spend your favourite holidays in Oak Bay (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc)

Ideas for writing a winning submission:

  • Ensure the article is specific and makes readers want to visit Oak Bay
  • Photos and captions add to the story. Videos are acceptable as well
  • Describe the natural surroundings (paint a picture with words – don’t rely on the photos)
  • Don’t assume readers are familiar with places as you describe them
  • Start the article with a good description of the attraction and its location. Use street names, reference points, and expected travel time
  • Consider whether your article should be written in first person or third. Most articles written for magazines and the internet are written in third person. Although your articles may be more engaging if writing in first person
  • Pay attention to punctuation and grammar
  • Typically, winning articles are between 1000 and 2000 words
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