Winchester Galleries

Winchester Galleries are exclusive fine art dealers specializing in contemporary, historical and local Canadian, European and international paintings.

The gallery opened in 1974, and has been under the ownership of Gunter H.J. Heinrich and Anthony R.H. Sam since 1994. The three-storey gallery is located at 2260 Oak Bay Avenue in the charming Oak Bay Village, a ten-minute drive from downtown Victoria.

Throughout the year, Winchester Galleries runs major exhibitions for periods of two to three weeks. The gallery offers a wide range of original Canadian art, both past and present, to discriminating investors and collectors worldwide.


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The Avenue Gallery

One of the premiere boutique galleries in the Pacific Northwest, The Avenue Gallery, in Victoria, British Columbia, has been showcasing contemporary Canadian fine art since 2002. Patrons from around the world are treated to ever-changing exhibits and have access to unsurpassed collections by painters, sculptors, and glass and jewellery artists. This impressive gallery carries a broad spectrum of modern art that appeals to people new to the contemporary art scene as well as knowledgeable collectors.

Please see our current exhibits.

Side Street Studio

Side Street Studio specializes in unique, locally-crafted and original pottery, jewellery, textiles, glass-art, wood turnings and bowls, carvings, sculptures, west coast photography, art cards and books; all unique and one-of-a-kind. There are gifts for every occasion; birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, house-warmings, romantic events, thanks you’s, good luck and just for you!

If it is not made in British Columbia then it is not sold at Side Street Studio.

Gage Gallery Arts Collective

Gage Gallery Arts Collective is made up of 19 artists dedicated to creating a contemporary, professional venue to promote art and culture in the Oak Bay community. They work together to have a stimulating and educational interaction with the public through art, music, poetry, mentorship, workshops and presentations.

The Gage Gallery Arts Collective is a non-profit society.