Saturday, July 27, 2019
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Windsor Park
2451 Windsor Road

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Join the action at Windsor Park for the JCNA-sanctioned Concours d’Elegance and Jaguar Car Show for judged Jaguars and Enthusiast Class Jaguars (all cars are expected to remain on the field until 3 pm).

By 9:30 most of the Jaguars have arrived and been placed (except for those being  delayed by ferries and other impediments, like overheating…), first refreshments have been imbibed, baked goods eaten at the Tea Tent or the Lions’ catering trailer (they serve breakfast AND lunch).

Rags down is around 10:30 am and the judging begins…any hidden pine needles, specks of water, is the spare tire the correct size? When judging ends around 12:00 pm, participants hurry away to have lunch at the Oak Bay Marina, the fully licenced Windsor Café,  the Lions’, other nearby restaurants, or to simply enjoy their home-made healthy lunches in good company in the cool shade of the Tea Tent along with some COMPLIMENTARY beverages (tea, water, ice tea, etc.) served by the well-known friendly faces of spouses and family.

The afternoon is reserved for admiring other cars, shop talking, and anxiously waiting for the results that will be presented at the Awards Banquet in the evening. Besides that, the Regalia Tent, the Tea Tent, the cars displayed by Jaguar Victoria, the Victoria Hospice tent (usually with a raffle) serve as attractive pastimes.

Around 11:30 am (to 1:30 pm), Cold Comfort will have their wonderful gluten-free ice-bars ready for you. You will find the distinctive cream-coloured “Escargot” (or Nissan S-Cargo) ice cream truck, a little dog named Ginger and Autumn, the ice-cream lady, near the tea tent. Ice cream bars are available in three flavours: Rosewater Raspberry/Rosemary Sour Cherry/The Best Chocolate – have one of each (donations are accepted but not required).

Only too soon the clock strikes 3:00 pm and cars start leaving the field, giving their owners the well-deserved break at home or the hotels to rest, shower, change for the evening and the awards, have an apéritif, or chat with friends.

Every car on the field can receive an award, even non-judged cars. The Jaguar Car Club of Victoria considers all Jaguars equal and worthy. Therefore, there are several Popular Choice Awards, like the Mayor’s Choice Award, the Dealership AwardHagerty’s Grace, Pace and Space Award, and rosettes waiting for you and your Jaguar.

Participate, join in the fun and camaraderie – hope to see you and your Jaguar(s) on the field!

Thank you! Our silent auction is supported by: Hotel Grand Pacific, Oak Bay Beach Hotel, Simply Pure Ice & Water, The British Car Shop, The Windsor Café.